Giving Back


Giving back and volunteering are part of our fabric, both here in Morristown and other areas of New Jersey, and on a national and global scale.

Commonwealth Cares is a core part of this. It is a 501(c)(3) foundation through which the Commonwealth community offers our time, talent, and financial support to help relieve human suffering, promote social and economic growth, and protect our planet’s resources. The foundation has a specific focus on children and education, poverty relief, and disaster assistance.

All operating and administrative expenses for Commonwealth Cares are borne by Commonwealth. One-hundred cents of every dollar contributed goes directly to the causes we support.

The most gratifying program our Morristown office is involved with is Family Reach. Family Reach is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to removing the financial barriers standing between cancer patients and their treatment—such as loss of income, increased out-of-pocket expenses, and socioeconomic factors. When faced with these financial barriers, families have to make impossible decisions like choosing between paying for treatment or basic essentials like housing, food, and transportation. No family should have to choose between their health and their home.

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