Many financial advisors focus only on investments. There are several other aspects that are just as important and consequential to retirement planning and financial health. We cover all of them with our clients, including investments, to fully support your family’s financial goals:

  • Retirement planning

  • Health care planning and costs

  • Tax strategy (including distribution planning in retirement, so that you minimize taxes)

  • Investment strategy

  • How to manage expenses so you don't run out of money

  • Decisions with respect to filing for Social Security

  • Estate planning

  • Charitable planning

  • Risk management

When managing assets, we have a fiduciary duty to do what’s in your best interest, and we take that very seriously. The areas above are ongoing points of communication and planning as your life and situation change. It’s important to revisit these items every so often to make sure you’re on track, not just set it and forget it. We’re with you and holding your hand through the whole process.



We work best with people who fall into a variety of complex financial situations, including:

  • Individuals and couples at or approaching retirement

  • Small business owners who sponsor 401(k) plans that need fiduciary guidance

Clients for whom we are a great fit are interested in working with a partner to guide them through these questions:

  • How much do we need to save for retirement?

  • How should we invest our money during retirement?

  • How can we protect against running out of money during retirement?

  • When should we consider filing for social security benefits?

  • How will health care costs affect our retirement?

  • If our income will suffice during retirement, how can we best leave our estate to the people we love?


Education and communication play such an important role in helping our wealth management and retirement planning clients plan for their financial and personal well-being. We listen, get to know you, and communicate with you through all of life’s transitions.

We help you know what you don’t know. It isn’t uncommon for us to hear, “I never thought of that,” along with gratitude and expressions of greater self-confidence in making decisions.

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